External Stone Cleaning

External Steam Cleaning/Chemical Treatments

Here at Stonelab we have a range of systems to resolve your external cleaning needs. From high heat, low pressure systems designed to treat the most delicate of surfaces, to conventional jet-washing and chemical treatments we have the solutions for all of your external stone needs.

External Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning equipment is ideal for external stone that is too soft for conventional jet-washing. It can also be used in many other environments such as brick cleaning, external render washing and black spot removal. Our high heat, low pressure cleaning system has been developed to ensure premium quality cleaning without the risk of damage to the stone. Our machinery is equipped with up to 6 different attachments allowing us to steam clean at any height or length. Our rotary steam surface system can also be attached to the heat system to complete large driveways or patios that may be in need of soft washing. Our rotary steam surface system is also ideal for removing black spot or organic matter from patios and driveways without the need for strong chemicals that could harm any surrounding plants or grass.

High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is a good option for those looking to restore external patios or facades whilst keeping the budget down compared to some of our other external services. Our high-pressure equipment is ideal for hardwearing stones and for areas in which your pointing is in a good condition. It is important to understand that under high pressure any loose pointing may split or come out due to the fact that organic growth has penetrated the pointing from beneath the foundations, weakening the integrity of the cement or grout. The only way to prevent this from happening would be to opt for our High-heat steam cleaning services that provide a lot less water pressure, which in turn will keep all pointing in place. We can also apply chemical treatments to the stone which will help to remove organic growth from the surface such as black spot or white spot. For driveways or resin bonded areas we can equip our WHIRL-AWAY equipment to provide a high-pressured rotation clean to remove moss and dirt without effecting the resin molecules holding the driveway together.

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External Rotary Cleaning

By using a similar process to our internal treatments we can provide a service for your external stone that can both deep clean your stone whilst also protecting your stone going forward. By using weighted rotary machines equipped with abrasive cleaning pads we can strip the floor of any previously existing sealants whilst also providing a deep clean of the area to remove algae and organic growth residues present on the surface. Instead of using high pressure equipment we clean all pointing/grout lines by hand. This will prevent any loose pointing from being displaced whilst also cleaning the pointing/grout lines though aggitation. Once we have given the stone a deep clean and allowed the area to dry, we can then move onto the sealing of the stone. It is vitally important to seal your natural stone once restoration is complete, here at Stonelab we have a wide range of sealants specifically designed to suit and protect your stone going forward. For more information on our different sealants, you can find a breakdown of our sealing products on our Sealing and Surface care page.

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