Terracotta Services

Terracotta Services

With terracotta being a soft stone, it is very important to treat it with lots of love, care and attention. At Stonelab we specialise in the treatment of terracotta by using the gentlest methods of restoration, ensuring the integrity of the material.

Terracotta Cleaning

Terracotta is a notoriously soft material, and for this reason it is vitally important to ensure that the correct methods of restoration are followed. In most cases when cleaning terracotta, we will apply a PH neutral cleaning solution to the tiles and allow it to sit and agitate the dirt present both on top of and within the tiles. We would then pass over the terracotta using our rotary machine attached with a very soft cleaning pad to fully clean and restore the terracotta. By using PH neutral products and soft cleaning pads, we ensure a deep clean without damaging the soft terracotta. We then clean all grout-lines, edges, and pits by hand before rinsing the whole section and allowing to dry.

As terracotta is so porous, it is vitally important to give the material enough time to completely dry out before we start the sealing stage of the project. For us this is a minimum of 24 hours. Once we have ensured that the terracotta is completely dry, we can then move onto the sealing stage. With terracotta there are many different solutions to choose from in terms of sealants and therefore it is important that we provide a sealant that will best suit you and your floor. For more information on the different types of sealants that can be applied to your terracotta, please visit the Terracotta Sealing page on our website.

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We provide many different methods of sealing Terracotta. This will depend on the condition of your tiles, and the type of finish that you desire. One method of sealing terracotta is to apply a boiled linseed oil and a topcoat of polish. The reason for doing this is that by applying oil to the tiles, you are protecting the terracotta from within. In the stone trade we call this an impregnating sealant. Once this process is complete, we can apply a coat of a wax polish. By applying a topcoat of wax, you are creating an extra layer of protection between your terracotta, and the external environment. Not only does this help ensure better protection going forward, but it also adds an element of shine to the terracotta, leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish. This is generally followed by three further visits to apply three additional coats of polish to the terracotta tiles which will further build upon both the protection and shine of the terracotta leaving a deep and glossy tone to the tiles. Another method of sealing terracotta would be to apply a colour enhancing sealant. This will deepen the colour of the tiles and will give the terracotta a real deep and rich look. This also acts as an impregnating sealant. If you desire an element of sheen to your terracotta, we can also apply a water-based wax sealant to both enhance the protection and sheen of the tiles. As previously mentioned, all floors are different and therefore the method of sealing will depend upon the condition of your terracotta. For more information on our different sealants, you can find a breakdown of our sealing products on our Sealing and Surface care page.

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