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Porcelain and Ceramic Cleaning

There are many different solutions for your porcelain and ceramic. At Stonelab, we import the latest products and technologies from Italy, ensuring premium results for all of you porcelain and ceramic needs. From anti slip treatments to high polish finishes, the solutions are endless.

Porcelain/Ceramic Cleaning

No matter what material you have in your home it is inevitable that every now and again some form of restoration will have to be carried out. In the case of porcelain and ceramic tiles we recommend that you maintain your floors with a deep chemical clean every 12-24 months. The first stage of the cleaning process is the same on all of our projects, protection. By installing plastic protective sheeting to the cleaning area, we can be certain that your home is left in the exact same condition in which it was found. This allows us to make a start on the next stage, the clean.

As both porcelain and ceramic materials are acid resistant, we would generally apply an acid-based cleaning solution to the tiles and would then allow the solution enough time to really target the layers of dirt build up present on the surface. This is then followed by our mechanical rotary machine equipped with a cleaning pad to not only agitate the cleaning solution present on the surface, but also to ensure a thorough deep clean of the porcelain and or ceramic tiles. We then clean all grout lines by hand and touch up on any problem areas that we may encounter. Once we have ensured that the tiles and grout are completely clean, it is very important to thoroughly rinse the floor to make sure that none of our cleaning solution is still present on the surface. Once dry your porcelain/ceramic tiles are now fully clean and ready for use.

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Here at Stonelab we offer a range of solutions for the restoration of your porcelain or ceramic tiles. A deep clean of your porcelain/ceramic tiles will remove dirt, surface residue and most acidic markings on the tiles however in some cases this process is simply not enough. In order to remove other forms of staining such as epoxy residues or tile back marking, a completely different chemical process has to be followed. We have a range of products that have been developed using premium modern technologies specifically designed to resolve almost every problem that you may encounter when dealing with porcelain or ceramic tiles. This is why it is important to understand that when it comes to the restoration of you porcelain/ceramic tiles, the solutions are practically endless. Whether you are looking for an anti-slip treatment to be applied to a bathroom or pool surround, or you are looking for a solution for scratches, defects, and dullness on your tiles, Stonelab has the solution.

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Polishing porcelain or ceramic tiles is a good option for those who are looking to restore a high polish finish to their tiles. What many of our clients are surprised to find out is that it is also possible to transform a honed finished tile into a highly polished finished tile. The porcelain and ceramic polishing process is generally split into three stages of restoration. The first stage is to give the tiles a deep clean using an alkaline cleaning solution and a soft cleaning pad. This will remove any existing residues from the surface and will provide us with a clean slate to begin the next stage of the polishing process. This involves applying a micro-honing cream to the surface before mechanically passing over the floor using an agitative pad. The reason for doing this is to remove any light scratches or defects from the tiles ensuring a consistent finish at the end of the project. Once we have achieved the desired result, we can then move onto transforming the tiles to a high gloss finish. To achieve our desired high gloss finish, we must firstly apply a specific polishing cream to the tiles that has been engineered to suit porcelain and ceramic. We would then mechanically pass over the cream using a polishing pad to spread the cream across the whole work area ensuring an even coat is applied throughout. Once we are happy with the level of shine the whole section can then be thoroughly rinsed off. Once dry, your floor will be looking as good as new and will boast a beautiful gloss to brighten up your home.

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